Million Dollar Idea

I just had an epiphany about a market that has yet to be tapped:  meme based erotic novels.

I call it memerotica.

“i maed u a love, but i eated it,” Roberto lol’d, his voice a cheezeburgr to his lover’s ears.

Think of the potential!

“Ermahgerd!” Rerberkeh gersped erhn shurk.  “Erhnuld!  Slerping werth mah twern serster!”

Okay, typing that made my eyes start to bleed a little.  Try another style?


It might need more work.


First Steps

I am proud to announce that I will have my first story published in the Triangulation: Morning After anthology! The Triangulation anthology is an annual publication by PARSEC Ink, which is the “publishing wing of PARSEC, Pittsburgh’s premier science fiction organization.” PARSEC has its own publishing wig, an annual convention, and a library that members get to use? That’s awesome! It is great to see a strong science fiction community that can support such cool things. And if they occasionally let one of us fantasy genre writers sneak in the side door, that’s cool as well. 🙂  To be honest, there is nothing about them that bars fantasy but I guess there is a point where your organization includes so many things that the name gets kind of burdensome. I would rather go by “genre writer” than “genre writer, mostly fiction but sometimes sci-fi that she ends up deleting after a few hundreds words, and she like to read non-fiction but is prefers to think about unicorns.”

‘Cause, y’know. Ease of use.

The main PARSEC Ink site can be found here and more recent updates to this year’s anthology can be found on their Facebook page.   More details to come as I get them!

Hello world!

As required, I have made an author’s website!  Because heaven knows if there’s one thing the Internet needs, its another author’s website.  Consider yourself lucky that I decided against a “clever” name for this blog.  Here are some of the names I was tossing around:

  • Anything with the word “Libris” in it
  • a line from an e.e. cummings poem (Ugh, so tempting!)
  • Subliminal message to get people to consider publishing me
  • Vague reference to some weird fetish to mislead Google searches

I think I’ll stick with my name for now.  Welcome!