If wishes were wordcounts…

Dude, NaNoWriMo would be so much easier if you could go by character count rather than word count.

Because I have got that MADE.


One thought on “If wishes were wordcounts…

  1. Aunt Becky and Uncle Tim says:

    Word Write count challenge!!!
    Wild short story fantasy, off the cuff with no research; only imagination tying in some of the following facts.
    Two unknown characters say,,, Mike and Kay

    Without any preplanning drop everything and decide to make a trip to the wilds of Africa??? saaay Kinshasa!!!

    Modes of travel used:
    1.plane across the Atlantic to Paris then off to the jungle.
    2. erratic train with live animals mixed with passengers not organized.
    3.Boat down Congo river 2,914 miles long. The river and surrounding tropical rainforest are home to over 400 mammal species.

    Quirky people met along the journey.
    Scientist studying the ecosystem
    Christian missionaries
    Generous Congolese families
    British expat drinks too much talks allot but fun to be with.

    Interesting encounters.
    •Unique Bonobo monkeys, who are most closely related to humans.
    •French Christians
    •Mount Nyiragongo volcano, the most active volcano in Africa.
    •Ma Vallee, a scenic African lake.
    •Seli Safari Zongo and see the Zongo Falls
    •One of the 20 most expensive places to live
    •Stirring element of a revolution in the air over the disparity between rich and poor
    •Differences between Western and African views on money.

    The Cuisine of Democratic Republic of Congo is by large a combination of the fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, grains, fish, milk and meat products. These ingredients are cooked with right spices and in right style to make them taste delectable. Giant oysters, fishes and shrimps are an integral part of the cuisines of the Congo. These ingredients are prepared in a traditional style. Congo style soup is simply irresistible. Steaming, grilling and barbequing are the chief methods that are tried for preparation of the cuisines.
    Some of the typical Food of Democratic Republic of Congo are the following:

    Moambe: It is made of eight ingredients to make it sumptuous and tantalizing.
    Chikwanga: This dish is made from cassava and stored in banana leaves.
    Fufu: This delicacy is a sticky dough-like dish made of cassava flour. This is considered as a staple dish very much like rice or potatoes.
    Sombe: It is prepared with boiled, mashed and cooked cassava leaves.
    Ndakala: This small dried fish preparation is simply mouth watering.

    Love Aunt Becky and Uncle Tim

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