Duotrope: Totally Worth the Subscription.

The Internet is thick with tools for writers.  Thick with ’em!  Off the top of my head there is:

All of these sites (and podcast) are free to access and use, which is great because who don’t love a free thing that is also incredibly helpful?  I also know that 90% of the time I want to believe that the Internet is a paradise of free content that was created just for me.  Yet, there are even times when I am forced to admit that a paid subscription is worth the coin.  That being said, let me introduce you to a site that I think is well worth the sticker price.

Duotrope is a site that provides writers with a wide catalog of available markets to submit their stories.    It allows you to search for markets based on genre, word count, type of pay, what kind of publication the market is, and other variables to find new markets for your work.  This is a great resource for finding publications that an author may be unfamiliar with or never come across on their own.  Surprisingly, it is one of the few ‘useful’ time-killers I have on the Internet as you can spend hours pouring over different markets, reading the interviews Duotrope gets with editors about what they’re looking for in a story, and finding all the weird tentacle-related publications that are out there (quick answer:  there are many).  Users can submit data relating to their own experiences with markets such as submission process time and whether or not they were accepted and provide statistics about each publication that other users can consider.  Good stuff!

Duotrope was, until January 1st, 2013, sustained on donations.  Now they’ve dropped the donation format due to lack of donators and have moved to a subscription model.  Here’s what the Duotrope site has to say about the new system:

What will a subscription give me?

Subscribers will have access to all the features you have come to love:

  • Our robust search feature.
  • The index of market listings.
  • The calendar of upcoming themes and deadlines.
  • Interviews with editors.
  • Full market listings, including response statistics*.
  • Statistical reports*.
  • Personalized RSS feeds.
  • Your personal control panel including your submissions tracker, etc.
  • If you have opted-in to receive our newsletter, you will continue to receive our info-packed weekly issues.

As Duotrope adds and improves features — and we do have plans! — you will have access to those as well.

If I don’t subscribe, what will I miss out on?

  • You will no longer be able to run searches or browse the index of listings.
  • The information shown on individual market listings will be limited.
  • You won’t be able to access our calendar of deadlines, statistical reports*, or RSS feeds.
  • You will lose access to your control panel, including your submissions tracker**.
  • You will no longer receive our info-packed weekly newsletters.

If I don’t subscribe, what will I still have access to?

  • Market listings (and editor interviews) via a direct link (from Google or Twitter, for example) will still be available, minus the statistics for that market.
  • Our Twitter feed will continue to announce new market listings and markets that have re-opened to submissions.
  • If you have opted-in to receive our newsletter, you will receive monthly issues with a summary of Duotrope activity, including number of new markets added, number of recent openings and closings, and number of new submission reports received. Three recently added listings will also be featured in the newsletter.

A subscription either runs you $5 a month, or you can buy an annual subscription for $50, which gives you a bit of a discount.  I say that Duotrope is worth the ducats.


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