Open your heart, also your wallet.

This is a post in support of World Builders.

Let’s take a step back.

Out among the wide world of charities that wish to take your money and help out people on a global to local scale, there is Heifer International.  Heifer International works to provide needy families with sustainable solutions to end the cycle of poverty and hunger.  Long story short, they send bees, geese, sheep, llamas, bunny rabbits, trees, and the knowledge that will give families their own means to feed themselves and eventually aid others in their community.  Bunnies make more bunnies, after all!  I feel it is a rad and worthwhile charity.

That being said, I started donating to them annually for a mostly selfish reason.  And that reason is that author Patrick Rothfuss holds a totally sweet lottery to help raise donations, where he gives away tons of books and various prizes.  You ain’t just getting a pat on the back and a warm, fuzzy feeling here, folks.  For every $10 you donate through Rothfuss’ Heifer International team, you get 1 chance to win something in the lottery.

I am not joking about the prizes you can win.  Read this post from his blog and just start scrolling down.  What you see there is a part of the donations he receives and organizes into a lottery that is designed wholly to get you to pry a few dollars out of your bank account to help families in need.  For those of you who don’t appreciate the “chance” part of a lottery, you can straight up bid on a wide variety of great books and other fantastic prizes.  There are some serious collector items floating around, waiting for you to claim them.

I already put in my chunk of change.  I think my donation equated to buying a tree?  Whatever!  I am sold on the idea of massively encouraging nerds to donate to charity and this post is my small attempt to spread the word to anyone who may not have heard of the World Builders yet.  The lottery closes on January 21st, so make sure you don’t miss your chance!


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