How to Spend Your Week’s Allowance

The following is a list of things that I would like to own.  I’m sharing them with you because not only do I think that you might like them, but at the least it might open you up to a new website/creator/thingy that you were previously unaware of.  Let’s go!

  • The Abominable Charles Christopher books.  This webcomic features outstanding artwork and an intricate, fascinating storyline that will make you cry aloud at your computer when you get to the pivotal moments.
  • Prints of Planets (and dwarf planets, respectively).  The Geekerie features a wide array of science/sci-fi/nerdy prints to adorn your house.  Perfect for anyone who has recently been forced to admit that the posters they collected in college need to be retired.
  • Preorder of Unfettered.  I purchased this one already!  Whee, preorders!  Let me save you the effort of going to the site and copy the list of contributing authors: Terry Brooks,          Patrick Rothfuss, Naomi Novik, Brandon Sanderson, RA Salvatore, Tad Williams, Jacqueline Carey, Daniel Abraham, Peter V. Brett, Robert VS Redick, Peter Orullian, Todd Lockwood, Carrie Vaughn, Blake Charlton, Kevin Hearne, Mark Lawrence, David Anthony Durham, Jennifer Bosworth, Lev Grossman, Michael J. Sullivan, Eldon Thompson, and Shawn Speakman.  Profit from the book will go to alleviate the medical debt incurred by author Shawn Speakman during cancer treatment.
  • Tentacle Kitty Plush.  Do I really need a reason beyond “Tentacle Kitty Plush”?
  • 2013 Fantasy Pin-Up Calendar. Tell me I’m not the only person that waits until February to get their new calendars?  This calendar lets you know what day of the year it is, features space to keep track of your appointments on said days of the years, and feature some lovely literary-themed ladies.  I love classic pin-up illustrations because it always looks like the woman is in on what’s happening.  All the profit made on the calendar goes to charity (Heifer International) so there’s that as well.

So there you go, my suggested items that you spend your hard earned cash on.  Did you just get a check for a story you sold?  Then treat yourself to something fun (after you pay the bills, of course).  Go ahead and let me know what items you’re currently coveting in the comments!


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