A Return to Longhand

Alternate Title:  Oh God, What is My Handwriting.

Let’s write letters together, everyone!


During the  month of February, I am going to write a letter every day that the post runs.  Why?  Well, mainly because Mary Robinette Kowal said I should!  Also, I have a ton of stationary that is practically begging me to be used for something other than the occasional ‘thank-you’ note.

“All right,” says you, “This is a novel concept and has my interest, but what does writing letters do to improve your writing?”

From the way I intend to approach this, it gives a writer a chance to write 23 thoughts that they would not normally put to paper (or screen).  You can write anything from massive letters to quick ‘hey how ya doing’ postcards, so this is a big chance to explore writing out things that you typically wouldn’t!  You can write a letter without using the letter ‘e’, describe your local scenery as a writing exercise to someone who has never visited your town, or write a letter to someone in the voice of a character.

You, uh, might want to include an explanation on that last example unless your friends already know how weird you are.

This could also provide a good starting point for writers that are afraid to put their work out into the world.  Letting people read what you’ve written can be daunting!  Why not use these letters to force yourself to send off your words into the wide world?  If you are among those who back away from writing groups or posting your work on the forum, get over your fears by sending out small notes to family members, or even a drabble or two if you feel inspired.

And of course, if you’re like me, this gives you a chance to send people you know strange things.  Like… as much My Little Pony fanfic as you can fit on a greeting card!  Or a poem, if you’re slightly less like me and can write poetry.

Will you join me in writing a month of letters?  Would you like me to write a letter to you?  You can e-mail your address to me at kalisa[dot]lessnau[at]gmail.com and I promise not to deliver it in person.  If you sign up, find me as “muchandquick”.


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