Daily Science Fiction features “The Witch’s Cat”

If you’ve reached my blog through Daily Science Fiction, then let me welcome you to my little slice of the Internet. As you can see, I update infrequently, but I hope you enjoyed reading my story and visiting this site.

For those of you not subscribed to Daily Science Fiction: first off you need to go subscribe right now because it is free and gives you stories in your e-mail inbox every weekday, and you also need to know that I just got a story published with them! It was featured today, September 5th, and will be on the Daily Science Fiction website in a week.

“The Witch’s Cat” was an immensely fun story to write. It came to me one afternoon and within 24 hours I had the story written from start to finish. The story is mainly about a cat, or maybe about the bonds that tie, or maybe just about how I’d love to see witches in a 1950s town. I am enamored to the vision of a witch that casts her spells and brews her potions, but also run errands to the post office and takes her familiar to the vet.

This story also further cements my status as a Crazy Cat Lady, because it was largely inspired by my black cat Higgs. He laid down on my chest for a nap and the first line of the story sprang into my head. After a while I came up with Sampson’s name and the rest of his character followed. Now with this story published, I have proof that obsessing over my cats gets me paid!!! WA-HAHAHAHA!

Feel free to ask any questions or just say hello in the comments. Although it looks like I don’t tend this blog often, I am always alert when it comes to comments. Thanks for reading!