NaNoWriMo 2013

Just when I think I’m out they drag me back in…

So! NaNoWriMo 2013 is nigh, and I’m once again participating. I told everyone last year that I just wanted to win it once and then I would be done with it, almost like a lower-tier bucket list achievement. Turns out I am a liar-liar, pants obstinately on fire kind of person because I’m going for it again.


Last year was a good push for the first draft of my first novel. I have just recently completed said first draft (it’s awful) and from what I’ve gathered, it’s good to step away from a manuscript to gain a fresh perspective before diving in for heavy editing and further mucking about. As it turns out, NaNoWriMo would provide exactly one month’s break from the draft, during which I can wring my brain out over the first draft for a new story. I’ve been hashing out a detailed outline to guide me beyond the realm of “Oh hey that’s a cool idea, now what do I do for the other 80,000 words of the story” phase.

Ambitions! Bullet lists of plot points! An excuse to go to a Starbucks and look pretentious! Ah, NaNoWriMo, how could I ever leave you?

Feel free to track my progress via the neat little thingy I put on the side of my site. Feel doubly free to harass me if I fall behind on the daily word count. If you’re participating, let’s be friends on the main site! Woo!