Win a Copy of Victoria Schwab’s “A Darker Shade of Magic” as Well as a Rad Poster!

Fact one:  the flu is a terrible, terrible thing that I had managed to dodge the entirety of my life. UNTIL NOW.

Fact two:  the flu ate my February. You’d think you’d have time to write but no, the only thing I had the energy for was staring blankly at YouTube.

Hence, no entries for February. But here I am now, full of returned vigor and using a considerably lower amount of tissues each day!

Here’s a quick post to tide you over:  Victoria Schwab’s new book,  A Darker Shade of Magic, is out and it is hot. I have the ebook version that I am going to curl up with tonight but here is a chance to win both a hard copy version and a poster of the gorgeous cover art!

The Midnight Garden Giveaway!

Good luck to those who enter! May the flu never ensnare you with its snotty tendrils. Ugh, I grossed myself out writing that.