Short Attention Span Review

Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Boys

Alternate titles could be as follows:

Your Fandom Starter Kit

You, Your Tragic Prophecy, & You

Mucking about with the Metaphysical for Profit and Pleasure

The Psychic Family’s Survival Guide (Including Pull-Out Bathroom Schedule Sheet!)

Everything’s Better with Helicopters


Dating for the Incurably Awkward

Peep to this if you like:

Creating tasteful photosets on Tumblr
Pretty boys doing stupid things
The intricacies of vehicular maintenance
Tangibility as a variable
Smol birbs
Navigating the Intricacies of Nobless Oblige
Moleskin notebooks
Scooby-Doo style mysteries but with actual mortal peril


Short Attention Span Reivew

V. E. Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic

Alternate titles may include the following:

Charming, Well-Armed Orphans and Their Delightful Adventures

What to Wear in a Parallel Dimension

A Primer in Pirate Ship Acquisition

and finally,

Royalty You Want to Bang: A Field Guide

Check this out for sure, but especially if you’re fond of:

Annoying your friends with arguments about antagonists vs. villiains
Authors laying down cosplay challenges
Being a sass-mouth in the face of mortal peril
Learning about colors
Accidental knife mischief
Magical interior decorating
Looking fabulous as you destroy all who oppose you
Playing dramatic movie soundtracks while you do mundane chores
Tea time

Short Attention Span Review

Lev Grossman’s The Magicians

Alternate titles include:

Why Hogwarts Needs an Ethics 101 Course


Magic is Real but Hunger and Disease are Still a Thing Because Wizards are Assholes


Harry Potter and the Great Gatsby

  Give it a read if you enjoy:

Complex magical systems
Unceasing disappointment in the world around you
Deeply satisfying knuckle cracking
Expressing your confusion and fury at the world via a sudden case of The Goth
Developing purposefully frustrating interpersonal relations
Pairing wine you’ll never drink with meals you’ll never eat
Your Dumbledore figure just not giving a single damn
Liking the world of Narnia ironically, but so ironically that you become sincere again