Meet the Author

Hello!  My name is Kalisa Lessnau.  Thank you for reading my “About” page; for your efforts, this will be a sincere attempt at giving more information about myself rather than spinning a tale about my previous career as a pirate, or whatever the Internet is big on right now.  Ninjas, maybe?

I am currently a resident of Huntsville, Alabama.  We have an active Army arsenal, and if you ever visit you might be able to experience the gentle rumble of distant bombing runs that are a permanent background noise of this town.  Huntsville is a pretty cool place, Alabama stereotypes aside.  It boasts a pretty large population of Sci-fi/Fantasy fans who are also artists/authors/fandom organizers and such.  I am pretty sure 30% of the population of Huntsville attends Dragon*Con.

Oh, let’s see, what else is there about me?  I mainly write in the fantasy genre, preferring worlds where magic is an unsteady variable rather than a well-known element.  Like pretty much every fantasy author ever, I would love to be Neil Gaiman.  Until that opportunity rolls around I guess I will keep plugging away at my own stories.

Once I finish a story I hand it over to my friends, who lovingly rip it to shreds so that it might be arranged in a more pleasing manner.  Although I mean well, I often have no idea how commas work and will one day give someone an aneurism due to a comma splice.   Either that, or I will be paper-cut to death with one of my own manuscripts in a crime of grammatical passion.

Per author requirements, I have two cats.  They are cuter than your cats.


“Orbium” – Triangulation:  Morning After Anthology


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