Once upon a midnight dreary…

Halloween means scary story and book recommendations!  Per the request of the patron saint of writers, Neil Gaiman, I offer these Internet-obtainable reads to you as my All Hallow’s Read gift.

The classics remain the classics for a reason.  You can grab yourself some Poe for a good time, there is always H.P. Lovecraft if you prefer an eldritch twist to your short stories.  One of my personal favorite is The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers.

One of the best sites to ever be birthed from the Internet, The SCP Foundation, can steal days from your life as you browse their collection of bizarre items.  If I might suggest a few starter articles:

What are some of your favorite scary books?  Do you have a ritual for reading scary stories, or can you read them on the bus and still get a chill up your spine?  I am a huge wuss when it comes to scary stories, so I don’t read many.  Stupid Slender Man pictures can give me nightmares so my selections might be a bit tame.  Tell me good scary stories to check out!

Happy Halloween!